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    Read first

    -All users have the ability to close (or "lock") their own threads in this sub-forum. Please use this feature to close a thread if the thread is no longer current (ie. if you sell the item in a thread, close it). Please close the the thread rather than editing the first post. (edit the first post, click 'go advanced', then check the box for closing the thread near the bottom)

    -As this is a regional forum, users may be spread out by hundreds of miles. Because of this, please make it clear where you are located and how far you are willing to go to meet someone in order to buy or sell something in your thread. If you're willing to ship, mention this as well.

    -There is no need to add a "WTB" or "FS" (etc) in front of your thread title.. the forum does this for you when you click on the drop-down

    -Please remember that this forum is for all makes of cars. As such, when you are selling or looking for parts please make sure you specify what car the parts are for.

    -Don't worry about people making low-ball offers here. We are a community. Ask a fair price and receive a fair offer.
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Closed Thread

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