If anyone in the Saint Johns or PDX area wants to support a great man and his family. Marcel that works at the Fix-Um-Haus Volkswagen repair shop is battling stage 4 Hodgekins disease. Anna Bananas, Proper Eats and The Fixin' Too will be hosting a dinner-benefit for him and his family. There will be more information soon to come and I'll try to keep you guys updated. So far whats known is tickets will be 50 bucks and will be available Dec. 17th. ONLY 60 tickets will be sold! The dinner will be on Jan 9th with lots of food, wine and a silent auction- all proceeds will go to Marcel and his family.
There will also be a VW salute by asking EVERYONE in St Johns to park their VW's on N. Lombard between N. Baltimore and N. Charleston on that night!