Here I have a clean titled bucket of a car with some interesting bits that, when put together, will make for a pretty fun car. The car has 152k on the odo put on it since 1981. It currently has a M10 with a 5 speed transmission. The M10 is not running, and I've not yet figured out why. I've also not spent too much time trying to figure it out either as I had planned on yanking the motor out. If I were to hazard a guess, the fuel system need a refresh.

The Exterior:
Well patina'd, and has rust in the usual places. The only spot not shown in the photos, is the trunk rust. The fenders have been roughly rolled and could use a steadier hand with a roller to go back over them. If you are looking for a candidate for restoration, this wouldn't be too bad if you like a bit of a challenge. If you want a driver quality car that you wouldn't have to feel bad about when you flog it some twisties or a gravel road, then this car is perfect for you.

The Interior:
Not much water has found its way into the interior, but here in the PNW, any older car parked outside gets a little "liquid sunshine" on the interior. Seats are average, with standard issue tear in the driver's seat. The car will come with a smaller diameter old school Grant steering wheel (actually made in Italy, not the like the cheapo Chinese ones sold today). The rear parcel shelf has been hacked for 6x9's.

The Fun Bits:
* M20B23 engine with 163k on it, a freshly resurfaced flywheel, a 4 speed 323i transmission and driveline and an M20 subframe and motor mounts.
* Cosmo coilover sleeves w/ Bilstein sports
* Bumper tuck brackets
* Non A/C center console
* E30 ellipsoid projector headlights and spare set of E21 320i headlight brackets for you to mod up
* E30 black lockstrips for the front and back windows
* A box of assorted parts that I've not yet inventoried

I'm selling this project off because a 320is came up locally that I really, really want. Feel free to shoot me offers.