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Thread: The Annual Wheel Selloff.

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    The Annual Wheel Selloff.

    First up:

    I bought these wheels last year from the guy who built them. He spent around $3k building them as you see them here. Since buying them, I ran them for the summer, including two shorter road trips, then took them off and stored them for the winter. The tires and wheels have about 2k miles on them after the rebuild. I run a about -4 degrees of camber in the rear, so there is camber wear on the tires, but still lots of meat until the wear bars on that half of the tire.

    The wheels have 1" lips in the front, 2" lips in the rear. This puts the wheels at 1.0” = 15x7 et 27.65 in the front, and 2.0” = 15x8 et14.95 in the rear. Tires are 195/50/15

    The wheel waffle/barrels were professional straightened by Wheelkraft, painted, with new lips, new bolts, new valve stems, new logo caps, and new Falken Ziex tires. The hex nuts were coated with Plastidip to suit the look I was going after, but can easily be removed. These wheels are virtually new, and very, very close to flawless.

    I'm only selling these to free up money to pay for my upcoming engine swap, and a couple other functional things.

    Now for the psuedo pronographic photos.

    $1800 obo, feel free to email me at

    And lastly:

    P Slots, 14x6, 4x100, freshly powdercoated with a set of 5 OEM centercaps. $400

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    Enkeis sold.
    I make pretty stuff

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    Deposit put down on the RMs. Sale pending.
    I make pretty stuff

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