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Thread: House progress

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    House is painted finally. The red arrow shows how high up the neighbors tree I went trimming off branches. Pretty freaky up and over that high on the lift.

    Added some work benches to the garage and getting ready to epoxy the floor in the next couple weeks hopefully.

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    Finally fixed the drywall in the garage and put up the star wars mural.

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    More mini projects on the go finally!

    After not much progress for a while I have a few projects on the go... new exterior staircase down the side of the house - coming down over the new retaining walls and a much improved home theatre cabinet setup in the front of the room around the screen..... and yeah no epoxy garage floor coating yet. Pics to come.

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    Getting close 😃

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    The last of 4 POS rotten decks is finally gone and rebuilt with a proper staircase down to it.

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    Not sure why the pics posted sideway?

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    Another room.....
    Attachment 644

    Another wallpaper mural
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    Doing a little work in the basement bathroom...

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    More progress on our backyard - just about done finally except for planting some more decorative shrubs/trees.

    Digging into the jungle hillside a couple years ago...
    Attachment 674

    Stairs dug in last couple weekends...
    Attachment 675

    Lighting added this weekend....
    Attachment 676

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    ... and finally some light added to the stairs

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