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Thread: 1985 GTI, ABA swap, lots of mods - $2000 obo

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    1985 GTI, ABA swap, lots of mods - $2000 obo


    1985 mk2 GTI, ABA swap, lots of mods

    I've owned this car since 2004 and never thought I'd sell it. But, as with many people who have picked up newer cars, I find myself thinking less & less about the mk2 and more & more about the mk5. I also lost my job last month (start a new job next week) so I could really use this extra cash right now.

    Feel free to make offers. I can easily pull some of the mods off of the car to lower the price. I figure the minimum is somewhere around $1200 with most of the nicer bits removed, but I really would rather not deal with putting the car back to stock'ish if it can be helped.

    there are a lot of things to list.. so I'm sure I'll miss a few things:

    black 1985 GTI
    ~160 - 170k on the chassis
    ~130 - 140k on the block
    -has sunroof, which opens/closes fine.
    -manual windows.. work perfectly

    -2.0 8v ABA block swap, 1.8l head, serpentine belt, TT block-off plate, AC delete, power steering delete
    -full Techtonics Tuning 2.25" exhaust, Dynomax muffler.. new hangers
    -stock size Brembo discs, PBR/Axxis Metal Master pads all around
    -Bilstein HD/H&R Sport strut & spring combination.. ~20k miles. The ride is amazing (better than the Koni coils on my mk5, in some ways).
    -Neuspeed front strut tower brace
    -14x6 Ronal R8 wheels, Falken Ziex tires.. few thousand miles on those.
    -mostly stock red stripe interior. Door cards have custom component speaker boxes. Original 60/40 rear bench.. currently missing the front seats (used to have Recaro's). I have other seats to install.
    -new Infinity Reference 5x8 rear speakers. Deck is included with newer speakers in dash & doors as well (undamaged rear shelf.. speakers are in their proper place)
    -Hella H4 Ecode headlights, quad rounds with new Hella quad round grille. One chip in a 7" light.
    -rear "M3 style" red/clear euro tails with euro bulb trays
    -two-position fog light switch is installed. Rear fog wire is not run and no front fogs are installed, though front fog wiring exists (was used for city lights previously).
    -perfect rear hatch glass, ('85 with no rear brake light)
    -jetta passenger small mirror installed (original GTI passenger-side mirror is flat.. Jetta's is curved so you can see more)
    -has an old AutoPage alarm installed.. it was pretty nice for its day, but last I asked about it there's not much that can be done to upgrade it now. It still works well.. alarm goes off when hood, hatch, or doors are opened. Key fob still works fine as well. The 2-way system hasn't ever worked for me, however. Includes a remote door locking system.

    -recently replaced steering rack (with another power steering rack), at Fine Tuning
    -recently replied tie-rods, ball-joints, etc. at Fine Tuning
    -recently replaced master cylinder (20mm), changed brake fluid
    -recently replaced wheel bearings on all four wheels
    -recently installed front & rear Valeo "aero" wipers from Tire Rack (very nice.. I love 'em)
    -recently replaced clutch, pressure-plate, & all related bits
    -all front & rear wipers work.. doors open fine.. windows work perfectly.. headliner is intact.. doors & windows have never leaked for me, etc.
    -car has been parked in the garage ever since I picked up the mk5 (late 2008)

    I originally bought the car with cheap big bumpers installed. Recently switched back to NA small bumpers with new OEM turn signals.

    The engine has been amazingly reliable. The swap was done very well and this car has never let me down. It has always passed emissions better than any other car I've owned.. it can sit for weeks and start up instantly.

    All work since I've owned the car has been done by me or Charlie, with some work performed by Fine Tuning, and a little performed by Too Quicks years ago. Previous work was mostly done by the previous owner (who is still on the vortex, but rarely posts).

    current known issues:
    -the car has been sitting off & on for over a year (since I brought home the mk5). It always starts promptly once I reconnect the battery.
    -has some sort of fueling issue where the main pump needs to be primed a few times in order for the car to start. Once it starts the car runs normally.
    -the engine has always hesitated to rev slightly for me at the lowest RPM's when at WOT. This may be related to the possible fuel issue mentioned above, or it may be a CIS-E tuning issue. All regular non-fuel related tune up bits have been replaced recently.
    -although the brake pieces are all new, after the car sat for a while the brakes haven't ever felt the same (they're a little mushy and don't grab as well). I haven't looked into this much yet. It could just need a proper bed-in again, or the brake fluid may have condensation in the lines.
    -headlights are dimmer than they should be. I haven't checked this yet, but it's likely just my poor wire crimping job for the H4 conversion.. something that can be fixed in a few minutes.
    -windshield is cracked (one line from the bottom-right goes up several inches)
    -body has several small dings and small dents, with some paint chips & scratches as well. Also has a long, small crease running most of the length of the passenger side. Rear appears to have been hit lightly as well, as the body under the rear bumper is dented. Body has a few smaller surface rust spots.
    -paint needs a serious cleaning, polishing, and waxing job. I've done nothing but keep the car washed since I've owned it, and this shows. Also, if you look closely it is apparent that some of the car has been resprayed at some point.
    -passenger fender is new, and painted flat black. I have a replacement black fender waiting to go on.
    -rear window defroster has never worked for me.. I've never looked into it.
    -has self-installed tint (the purple'ish sort) on all side & rear windows. Driver's side window is untinted as I replaced it a few years ago.
    -sunroof does leak under heavy rain. Also sunroof headliner trim piece has mostly fallen off. When car has been parked outside I've kept a towel under the sunroof to soak up any drops so interior stays clean.
    -may need an engine mount replaced.. engine moves a little more than I expect it to.
    -both front plastic fender flairs are off the car (I have them)
    -missing driver's side early stick-on door molding

    happy to provide more pics if desired.

    the car is located in Bothell.

    I do have a bunch of extra wheels (including another set of R8 wheels), random parts (interior, exterior, engine/mechanical/wiring), seats, door cards, steering wheels, headlights, taillights, etc. These can be thrown in depending on the price.
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    no more recaro interior..

    ask me for details. Want to get this sold
    tell all of your local car enthusiast friends where the best place is to meet other local enthusiasts!
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    tell all of your local car enthusiast friends where the best place is to meet other local enthusiasts!
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