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Thread: Local response to LEM plates?

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    Local response to LEM plates?

    I was looking at custom plates, and thought the LEM would be a good cause, I've got friends in SPD. I've read on some forums (not necessarily in WA), that similar plates have drawn negative attention from officers because they assume the driver is affiliated with law enforcement and they don't like to advertise that for personal safety reasons. Has anyone had a similar experience with WSP or locals?

    I've also noticed them on fast cars, recently an M3 and "RS6 Avant". I'm afraid they would draw unnecessary attention.

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    I had them briefly when I bought the JSW from Joel. He might know more about LEM plates.

    I've been running DV plates, and have gotten warnings except for a no front plate ticket.
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    I've never heard of a negative response from having the plates. I know some people get them because they think it will help them get out of a ticket. I can most definitely say that's not true . Of the many times I was pulled over with those plates, no officer ever mentioned them. I did have a trooper comment on the car itself once though

    I had them because I liked the cause and I thought they looked good on the car.

    I do think most of the time when you see LEM plates it's either a family member of an officer, or it's an enthusiast..
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