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Thread: Old School car audio pieces

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    Old School car audio pieces

    I am selling off some late 80's early 90's period correct car audio pieces I amassed over the last while. Need to clear out some of this gear as I have too much of it sitting around now.... I kinda flip flopped around a bit buying this stuff - Mostly if I liked it and remembered it being out of my reach back in the day I bought it . I have re-focused on an all Alpine system for my car now and have everything I need.

    I will end up keeping some of this depending on what I sell.

    PM me if you have interest in any of the pieces and we can talk pricing.

    A super nice a/d/s 630x 6 channel amp. on CL here:

    Attachment 588

    NOS old school Alphasonik pre-amp EQ. This one also features an extra input that you could use for your phone/ipod etc. on CL here:

    Attachment 589

    Suuuper hard to find NOS Pyramid spectrum analyzer EQ from about 1987. Non powered version. Not for sale on CL yet. $150
    Attachment 587

    Alphasonik early 90's 2x100 amp. A little scratched up but works well $100

    No pic at the moment..

    Mid 90's Clif Designs 5.25" NOS still in the box co-ax speakers - $75

    No pic at the moment..

    Late 80's Alpine 7189 fixed mount "1 knob style" cassette deck $125

    Attachment 586"

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    A/D/S amp has been sold

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