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Thread: Time to reinvent the wheel???

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    Time to reinvent the wheel???

    So, as some of you may know, I've been trying to sell the M5 for a year now, and finally sold it. It's going to relieve a big amount of financial stress for me, but I'm not out of the woods yet. I'm looking for input as to which direction to go with some projects.

    I reallyx3 want a mk6 golf, but it's just not financially feasible, so I'm keeping the Audi. TDI swap is still a possibility.

    I've been trying to sell both the 75 and the 77, and I think I have a comitted buyer for the 75, with one weird condition. He wants a runner, and is buying an identical car from OR and having it sent up to WA for me to swap the parts that the 75 needs to be a runner / driver, leaving me with a free orange 75 to play with. I'll probably keep that one and make it a super long-term project, since I'll basically be into it for 0$ at that point. I'm not sure how much work it needs, but a free car is a free car. And that will get me nearly to the point where I'm caught up, or at least comfortable again. So the free 75 could be another TDI conversion, or just a 1.8 16v and a fun car with nice interior. Hard to say what will happen with that whole project until the 2nd car shows up, if it even does. (Anyone from Klamath Falls know the car I'm talking about? Phoenix red (orange) 2 dr with some bad rocker repair?)

    At some point, I need to spend some money on the vanagon, it's got a hidden oil leak that is really pissing me off. New main crank seal, new trans input shaft seal ,and the subaru 2.2 puked oil all over the brand new clutch within 10 miles. Absolutely stumped on that one. Both me and the wife want to keep the van for bike races and camping trips. I figure at some point, it's going to need 1k thrown at it to get it happy and reliable. It REALLY needs some bigger brakes in the front.

    Which leaves me to the 77. I'm still wanting a track car. The 77 is not a track car, nor does it deserve to be. It might be fun to do one trackday in it, but it's not worth trashing the car. I know it's a tough sell, not many people will pay 12k for a 77 rabbit. Been thinking about selling off the suspension, seats, and wheels, and redoing all those items. I still have the gotti's I bought for it, and I'd like to do some blue plaid recaros, some more compliant coilovers (since the H&R's I honestly believe have the wrong spring rates for the car- they told me if I want it to ride nice I need to raise it. It's not that low...), & get the roof and cowl resprayed. But, that puts $ into the car, and not into a track car. If I sell the 77, it frees up enough capital to get most of the other rigs rolling and me debt-free. But, I don't think I'm doing a good job advertising it. The longer I have it, the more I want to do to it.

    I've been looking at LOTS of options, and the miata seems to be THE option. I can certainly hold out for a $500-$1k car to play with. No hurries there. Rather not spend a huge pile of $ on something that potentially gets hit by a BMW guy on his BT at a track day. Or hits cones on the auto-X..

    Guess it just helps to get it all on a page, and away from FB, and the hipster-tex. But, your input is welcome.

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    been around the block a few times unimogken has a spectacular aura about unimogken has a spectacular aura about unimogken's Avatar
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    So basically you have 3 vehicles..... Audi, Vanagon and a Rabbit right?

    You want to sell the Rabbit to pay off some bills and also get a track Miata..... am I still following you there?

    So do you have a for sale link for the Rabbit?

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    lol, no. after tonight I'll have 5 vehicles.
    Audi wagon
    Vanagon 2.2 subaru
    77 rabbit TDI
    75 rabbit 0.0
    wife's bug TDI

    Here's the ad for the rabbit on the lametex
    I still count the 75, until $ changes hands, it's not a done deal.

    and yes, I'm wanting a car to do track days, and autocross type things. Convertible is a huge plus, as I do enjoy a top-down cruise in the summers.

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    Miata is still the cheap way to make a fast & fun red track car .. but you know that already. I say hold out for that and then go for it as soon as you have the money
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    been around the block a few times unimogken has a spectacular aura about unimogken has a spectacular aura about unimogken's Avatar
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    May 2010
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    I forwarded the Rabbit onto a diesel-head friend of mine that was looking for something exactly like this!

    Whoo hoo! I got you beat by having too many cars..... oh wait, is that a good thing?

    I have also been considering the Miata thing because my wife has a co-worker that wants to sell his super nice Miata because he's tired of being called ghey......hehe

    But i'd have to thin the fleet of cars also!

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    so am I just crazy?
    The BMW did go to it's new home tonight, so that's one step in the right direction.

    I'm surprised there's not more ideas out there, but this isn't the whoretex where everyone thinks everyone else is wrong...

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    well.. do you really want a track car? That's my only big question

    and, you're the one that's already owned a miata, so you have a better idea than we do if you want another one or not. But, imo, you can't get much better for a light, rwd, cheap car that can be modified easily for lots of fun.
    tell all of your local car enthusiast friends where the best place is to meet other local enthusiasts!
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    I plan on getting a NA miata once I have the money. I've been wanting one for so long.

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    placeholder doppelfaust will become famous soon enough doppelfaust's Avatar
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    I'd hate to see you sell the '77 but it seems like once you get a car to a point you're usually ready to sell it. I think you would regret selling it in the long run. I like the idea of rejuvenating the car with new suspension, wheels, and interior. I'm assuming you are going to do some smart buying and selling to cover the cost of some of these new parts? Which kind of leaves you in a dilly of a pickle because you need to drop money into the Vanagon but where is that money going to come from? And you're still without a track car. Unfortunately it seems with the list of needs and wants, one more car will have to go...

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    have you tried advertising the blue car to a broader audience... like ebay or the likes?

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    Joel- I want a car that I can take out on track days with no reservations, and learn to drive better. I've done the show scene. It's time to go in a different direction for a while.

    Steve- I most certainly would be selling off the parts I wouldn't be using. But yes, the magic vanagon fairy would have to bring a bag of money for that scenario to play out.

    Mike-I've had it on TDI club before, and no response from there. Ebay just plain takes too much of your money. By the time you pay all the fees for listing, and selling the car, you've lost a good 15% of your transaction, not to mention if you are unfortunate and have to use paypal.

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    Hey Jeff... my boy at work has a friend selling his already prepped miata. Might be a little too much but it's a turn key track ready done car. specs he rambled off the top of his head as follows: '95 body so it's the reinforced frame, turbo with intercooler running tuned standalone (tuned by Doug at Fairlady Motors), OHLINS coilovers... yeah I said OHLINS coilovers, caged with harness on a race seat and some other stuff. Asking price is 6500. Again, probably more then your looking at spending on a track car but thought I'd send that out too you.

    On the rest of your post... hate to see the 77 go like I said last time we were bs'ing down at the shop but you gotta do what you gotta do. At least the M's gone. I'd liquidate inventory except the wagon and Deb's bug. Vanagon you could keep for camping and racing but you could do that out of the wagon too. The '75 is still a shell so it's not like you have too much invested in that one other then the rust repair.

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    Make the 75 a mock teardrop trailer to camp in. Dump the Vanagon. Get the Miata; it will go very well with the spandex.

    Seriously though, I've been running into a few e30 325s in and around the $500 price point including a couple 325ic's. The balance, power, and handling would make that a pretty good track car too.

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