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Thread: Forum rules! (READ FIRST)

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    Forum rules! (READ FIRST)

    com·mu·ni·ty [kuh-myoo-ni-tee]
    1. a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.
    2. a social, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests
    3. similar character; agreement; identity: community of interests.
    4. joint possession, enjoyment, liability, etc.: community of property.


    This is not an "on-topic" forum. There are specific "thread prefixes" which act as sub-forums would on other sites, where there are more specific rules, but general topics can be about anything you want. Post up whatever you want as long as it follows the rules below.

    This forum is meant to be relatively laid back and free, however, we still must have some rules in order to limit drama, personal attacks, and other problem issues. As such, the few rules we do have must be followed closely!

    Please contact me or a moderator if you have any questions.

    NO NSFW (not safe for work) CONTENT!
    You may link to "R rated" content only if it is clearly labeled as "NSFW". Anything that wouldn't be allowed in an "R Rated" movie is not allowed on this forum.. period.

    embedding content:
    No NFSW images may be embedded in any thread. Breaking this rule may lead to infractions or being banned. NSFW Videos may be embedded as long as it is clearly marked as NSFW.

    This is a community-based site for car enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest US/Southwest Canada region (collectively known as the "PNW"). Many of us know each other personally and are friends. This site is not meant for users from outside of the region. You may still register, but keep in mind that many of the users here may not appreciate your involvement since they will not be able to meet your personally. Be respectful of this issue and everything should be okay.

    Keep things in mind:
    No drama!. No posts that might cause drama with others either!. Keep it private! No flaming or making negative personal remarks. Inciting or perpetuating anger or conflict from others is also not allowed. No personal attacks! (if someone is annoying you please make use of the user ignore feature. Go to "settings" at the top-right of the page and then go to "Edit Ignore List". This will hide every post by this user on the forum. We ENCOURAGE you to use this feature if someone is annoying you.. it's a great way to not let someone bother you ).

    -Each person is allowed only one account here (other than advertiser accounts)

    -No embedded, posting, or linking to pornographic or other obscenely NSFW content. More friendly content may only be linked to, and not embedded. Any NSFW content must be very clearly labeled as such.

    -Discussion of any illegal activity is simply not allowed. If you're not sure, please ask first.

    -Respect everyone! This forum exists to help build community; not destroy it.

    -Keep obscene language to an absolute minimum. Bypassing the word/swear filter outside of "NSFW" threads will result in an infraction at a minimum.
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    Vendor Information/Advertising

    We understand there is a fine line here. If you are not sure please PM me or a moderator. Our intention is to be reasonable while still allowing for a clear advantage in having an Advertiser account on the site.

    -Anyone may post free events (in the events forum/calendar) at a place of business such as a grand opening, BBQ, or any other sort of GTG. Again, this is in the spirit of building community.
    -Users with a business interest in mind may not create a thread in relation to that business unless it fits one of the above situations. If you are unsure, contact a moderator.
    -Signatures may contain links to businesses, contact information, etc., but may not mention pricing or contain any other sort of advertisement. (limit it to a basic "yellow pages" sort of listing)

    -Advertising products, for-pay services, etc. without Advertiser status is not allowed and will result in an infraction and possible ban.
    -Normal users who have a business affiliation may respond to technical questions with technical answers only. In the spirit of building community, one may offer free advice or help in-person or on the forum without reprimand. This does not mean that you can take the opportunity for a free promotion of your business
    -Normal users who are affiliated with a business are not disallowed to sell items they have laying around by using the classifieds. For instance, a shop owner is perfectly allowed to sell their own car, sell a random used part from the shop, or even multiple parts that the shop doesn't need any more, as long as the sales are irregular and cannot be seen as being a regular for-profit part of the business. Businesses may not repeately sell multiple items of the same part without paying for an advertiser account.

    -Anyone with an Advertiser status may create threads, promote products and services, sell items, respond to technical questions suggesting services at their business location, and may take part in the advertisement system on this web site.
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    User Infraction System

    (this may be adjusted at any time. Please check back frequently if you are concerned.)

    We do not want to have to use this system, however, don't try our patience either. In the end, this site is about the community and not any one specific person. Keep the above rules in mind and you should do just fine.

    Moderators, Super Moderators, and Administrators may report user infractions. You will receive a private message (PM) stating a reason for the infraction. Moderators will also have the opportunity to discuss the infraction privately. Infractions can be reversed, however this is unlikely to occur. Some infractions may also expire, while others are permanent. Causes for infractions are based on how much the infraction hurts the sense of community, friendship, and helpfulness on the forum. Please keep the primary rules listed above in mind!

    We intend to be reasonable and fair whenever possible, but we know misunderstandings can happen. If you believe you have wrongly received an infraction please respond to the PM you have received for the infraction and state your case.

    The infraction system is based on points. After a certain amount of points are reached your account may be automatically banned for a specific period of time. See below for details (a large amount of this is stolen from EvoM ):

    (keep in mind that moderators may select a custom amount of points, based on the severity of the infraction)
    -Abusing Thread Tags = 2
    -Taking a technical thread, or a thread where a user is obviously asking for help, off-topic before the issue is resolved = 2
    -Misleading link = 2
    -Posting NSFW content, embedding NSFW content, or not labeling a NSFW link as NSFW = 5
    -Breaking any forum rule not mentioned here = 5
    -Disrespect toward any user, including flaming = 5
    -Vendor Bashing = 5
    -Avoiding the word censors outside of NSFW threads = 5
    -Posting illegal content, including discussion of street racing = 5
    -Advertising without Advertiser status (see above rules) = 10
    -Spamming = 10
    -Disrespect toward forum staff (moderators, super moderators, administrators = 10
    -Repeated racist or prejudice comments = 15

    Total Amount of Points = Ban Time
    10 points = 1 day ban
    20 points = 3 day ban
    30 points = 2 week ban
    40 points = 1 month ban
    45 points = 6 month ban
    50+ points = perm ban


    Advertising without advertiser status or a request from a user: Applies to threads, posts, PMs, and avatars
    Check our new shop/dyno/product/service

    PM/call/email me for prices on XYZ

    For Sale: XYZ cams
    Selling XYZ cams for $$$. Have 10 sets new in box

    You’re an idiot and a worthless human being.

    (generally a multiple post offense through posts or sigs)
    Hey, check out my event coverage site at (repeatedly)
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    tell all of your local car enthusiast friends where the best place is to meet other local enthusiasts!
    PNWfahren Facebook Page - forum rules - FAQ - forum tips - what's new?

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