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Thread: twardnw's 4Runner thread

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    twardnw's 4Runner thread

    The basics:

    98 SR5
    180k miles

    ~1.5" lift
    Limited 4.30 gears & rear e-locker
    Magnaflow muffler
    AirRaid intake & deckplate mod
    Cooper Discoverer ST/MAXX, 235/85
    custom sliders

    The Story:
    Late last year the wife and I were scheming of getting rid of two of my vehicles (96 Volvo 850 and 79 Toyota Pickup) and buy a new Taco. We settled into a responsible budget and were making progress toward a sizeable down payment. Then, a friend of mine decides to sell this 4Runner he'd had for a few years and done some work on. So, out with the plans for the Taco, and picked up this instead. All of the 'build' has been done by my friend, I've just inherited it at this point. Only real modification I've made was to switch to Contura switches for the e-locker and driving lights.

    The Pain:
    Remember kids, don't text and drive!

    Was parked in front of my house, about 11:30pm a rainy early March evening. 20-year old girl driving down the street, looking down at her phone, ran through the neighbors trash/recycling cans and straight into the back of the 4Runner She was going fast enough that she pushed it forward a little more than the length of the wheelbase. The hitch took all of the impact, but that resulted in the wrinkle in the frame at the front of where the hitch connects to the frame. Quote from the repair shop was $8200 to *replace* the frame. As expected, her insurance totalled it. After the loan was paid off and I bought it back, I was left with a bit over $500 to set aside for having the frame straightened, when I finally sell off my Volvo and Pickup that will fund the rest of the repair.

    Other than that excitement, this thing has been rock solid for me. Have been able to take it out into the woods a handful of times, mostly overlanding trips, but a few where I got to flex it a bit.

    The 'build'?:
    I don't really plan on building this thing up much more than it is. Owning an older home and having an almost-one-year-old daughter means there's no real budget to spend on that. Hoping that I can convince the wife that a set of bumpers would be a good purchase, coordinating with having the frame repair done.

    (also posted on

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    Maybe show your wife this pic... then back off and say "well maybe I could just get away with a couple of bumpers?"

    Click image for larger version

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