1996 Volvo 850 Turbo Sedan

175k miles
Electronic dual-zone climate control
heated leather seats
Alpine head unit w/ bluetooth
Windows tinted by Solar Eclipse in Vancouver
10mm spacers on rear wheels
LED fog lamp bulbs
IPD 'Blue' compressor bypass valve spring

Recent maintenance:
all brakes replaced
front brake lines replaced
new shock cartridges, strut bushings, control arm bushings
replaced torn CV boot on left, new axle on right
Replace motor : head gasket on old motor let go, had ARD Tuning in Hillsboro swap in a B5234T3 with ~60k miles (from ~2001 C70)
New rear bumper cover. Car was rear-ended, no damage to any body work, Volvos are stout. The little Nissan that hit it didn't fare so well
Over-all detailing done, as well as scratch removal from hood

So, yes, this car is now old enough to order a beer at the bar. It's got some bumps and scrapes. I'll readily admit that the leather seats are fairly well shot, and yeah, that's a big scrape on the front bumper (inherited from the previous owner). The car is comfy, great for a road-trip or just commuting, big enough to put a baby seat in back and not be eating dashboard. Also, it's fast, with the blue spring installed, accelerating onto the freeway at high boost is sure to put a smile on your face.

I will also throw in all of the manuals/books and specialty tools that I have for this car.