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Thread: Tips, Tricks, and other new forum items

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    Tips, Tricks, and other new forum items

    Since many of you may not be familiar with vBulletin or the extra plugins installed here, I thought I'd point out a few of the features.

    I'll be adding things to this list as I can think of them..

    •this forum is very configurable by you. Take some time to check out the Control Panel and review the settings.
    •posts-per-page can be changed by you. Go to 'settings', then click on 'General Settings' and find "Number of Posts to Show Per Page" under the 'Thread Display Options' section.

    •thread tags are a great new way to identify threads by specific keywords that may not otherwise be in the thread. Please use this wisely (infractions can be handed out for abusing thread tags). Think about what users may try to search for and add the tags when creating your thread. Other users can also add thread tags to existing threads. These tags are available in the 'tag cloud', but are also searchable from the forum search page. This can greatly improve searchability on the forum, and hopefully will reduce repeated questions, when used correctly.

    •When creating a new thread check out the 'prefix' drop-down menu at the top. Prefixes are available for NSFW (Not Safe for Work) threads, Technical threads, and Event Pics. These prefixes are an easy way to separate types of threads, since PNWfahren doesn't have many sub-forums. You can then sort through threads with a specific prefix by using the prefix drop-down menu at the bottom of the forum page and then clicking on the 'Show Threads' button.

    •each user has a public 'reputation'. Anyone can approve or disapprove of a user's post by clicking on the gray "badge" icon next to their post. Over time you will be able to see some reputations change.
    •you can create user groups, with your own discussions. Groups can moderate new users to the group, etc. (see my profile as an example)
    •you can create your own photo gallery on this forum (see my profile as an example).
    •you can easily attach images to your post instead of having to upload the image to another site first

    •any new events should be posted in the "Events & GTG's" sub-forum. Adding an event will add the event to the site calendar as well as create the new thread. Users can then discuss the event and click a simple checkbox if they want to attend.

    •videos (from youtube, vimeo, etc.) can be embedded in posts (respect the rules though!)
    •in most browsers, when creating a post, you can hit ctrl+i for italics, ctrl+b for bold, and ctrl+u for underline. The proper tags will automatically be placed around your cursor. You can even select text beforehand and the proper tags will be placed around the selected text for you!

    •you can ignore any user you like on this forum by clicking on the username next to their post and selecting "Ignore This Member". (To edit your ignore list, go to the "settings" link at the top-right of the page, and go to "Edit Ignore List".) This will hide every post by this user on the forum. We ENCOURAGE you to use this feature if someone is annoying you.. it's a great way to not let someone bother you

    •see the FAQ for some more information on how to use this forum software.
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    updated with a few more tips and new features you may not be aware of

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    USE THE THREAD PREFIXES when you create new threads!
    tell all of your local car enthusiast friends where the best place is to meet other local enthusiasts!
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