Finally found a replacement drivers seat, had to switch the tracks over, new seat was out of an regular cab. So the floor boards are different between the two.



New in, so much better and way comfier!

Got new to me wheels for free(technically). The story oldest daughter got new car, sold Jeep to mom and step dad, youngest daughter who attends Montana state university needs a better vehicle to get around in the winter there, her 2 wheel drive Mazda b400 wasn’t cutting it. So mom and step dad are trading her vehicles , Jeep has a 3 inch lift and is 4 wheel drive. Well I had put new tires on her truck before heading school last year and the tires on my truck while newish, sucked balls in the rain. So I swapped them. So now I finally have the correct size tires on it and American Racing Torque Thrust wheels. Need some refurbishing, did a quick test spot today.