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Thread: ducatipaso's (now twardnw's) parts hauler

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    if I lower it, it will be a mild drop on some proper 80s 15" wheels
    I can't lose capacity or make the ride worse

    something like this


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    Classy. I like the wheels too.
    I make pretty stuff

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    its nothing that I'm actively pursuing, but if an opportunity presented itself, I'd consider it. nice thing, it's super cheap and easily reversed if I don't like it.

    but i need to do this carb, then exhaust, and i need a plastic bed liner.

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    been around the block a few times unimogken has a spectacular aura about unimogken has a spectacular aura about unimogken's Avatar
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    I'd leave it the way it is and not lower it. It would look nice with some period correct wheels or some other Toyota wheel from that generation.

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    unfortunately, all the cool old school celica wheels etc are 4-lug. these are 5x4.5 but that means i have lots to choose from.

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    Jeep jeep!
    I make pretty stuff

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    cherokee limited wheels!

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    well, the old carb is out, the new one is fitted, the linkage is hooked up and works nicely.
    i have lots of vacuum ports and thermo switches that are no longer used that need to be tidied up.
    i have to decide where to pull vacuum from for the advance, and hook up 12v to the choke.
    couple more evenings should do it.

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    goddamnit flooded it. she started and ran wonderfully, for about 10 seconds.

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    vroom vroom. needed a new fuel pump to make it all work. now she's got some git up.

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    everyone probably knows me by now buddylove is a jewel in the rough buddylove is a jewel in the rough
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    My Mini had a Weber 45 on it when I first got it... Weber's are damn loud.

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    part of the problem is the lack of a noise supressing air filter setup.

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    The truck sounds dead sexy now!
    I make pretty stuff

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    wait'll I get a header and exhaust on it.

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    Quote: Originally Posted by buddylove View Post
    Weber's sound great!
    tell all of your local car enthusiast friends where the best place is to meet other local enthusiasts!
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    everyone probably knows me by now buddylove is a jewel in the rough buddylove is a jewel in the rough
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    Feb 2010
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    lol, I didn't say they don't sound good. They are just a bit loud for what I would like a daily to be.

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    heh it's a 32 year old pickup with no sound deadening in it.

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    so, think this was leaking for awhile? lol.

    thankfully, toyota was smart to design the booster in a way that it won't fill up with fluid

    cleaned things up a bit

    bench bled the new rig

    installed it and did some further engine bay cleaning

    and since my mityvac is broken and my bleed helper went to bed early, I did some additional cleaning, including scrubbing out the washer/overflow bottle. this engine bay is going to come out like new.

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    placeholder doppelfaust will become famous soon enough doppelfaust's Avatar
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    I love this truck... I want something carbureted to work on.

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    Where's the turbo gunna go?
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    if this engine lets go in my ownership lifetime, I would definitely replace it with at 22RET

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    I need to start finding some toy versions of my cars past and present.

    I make pretty stuff

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