I donít have much experience with 1.8t cars but what seems like a pretty enticing deal has popped up.

A guy I deal with a lot in our business park asked me if I wanted to buy his 01 TT coupe with a built motor - at first I said no but asked more questions about it and might be interested now.

Car has quite a bit done to it:
Bored to 1.9l with aftermarket pistons/rods
Gt35 hybrid turbo
Custom tuned Ecu at 32psi
Snow Water/meth injection
1000cc injectors
Custom charge pipes, down pipe and exhaust
Boost controller
Bigger clutch

This guy is a VERY capable engineer/fabricator that I have dealt with for a couple years and I have seen him build many nice bikes/cars/industrial equipment. I have no reservations about the build quality of the motor or that only top shelf parts were used... but I just donít much about these motors and how robust these are. He is not sure exactly what it puts down for power but well north of 400hp.

I also have no idea what it should be worth? It is a one owner car and has 120,000km on it (motor built at 90km) and is accident free and in nice clean shape. It is a total sleeper - looks completely stock.

What would a reasonable value be? Any input is appreciated.